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ROCKABILLY BEATDOWN is an "Endless Puncher" action arcade game for iOS and MacOS / Windows PC. Choose your hero and punch your way through a streaming hoarde of hellish denizens for as long as you can last!

MOVE: Tap the Move buttons to travel right or left.

PUNCH: Tap the Punch button to attack.

PAUSE: Pauses the gameplay.

HEALTH: The number of times a Hero can be struck by an enemy before Game Over.

T.C.P. (TOTAL CONNECTED PUNCHES): The number of times the Hero successfully makes contact with an enemey. This is essentially the game score.

PUNCHTASTIC METER: This meter grows with every successful attack. When full, the Hero can unleash the Punchtastic super attack!

COMBO COUNTER: The counter increases with each consecutive attack. If the player is struck, the counter resets to zero. The higher the Combo, the faster your Punchtastic Meter fills up!

HOTROD METER: Every time your combo hits 25 (50, 75, etc.) a tire will spawn. Punch and collect 6 tires to spell out HOTROD and summon this incredible super attack!


When the Punchtastic Meter is full, the Punchtastic Trigger is available. This is a super attack that clears all enemies. Will you use it right away or save it for a tough spot?

Each use of Punchtastic makes the meter need more hits to fill.

NOTE: Defeating an enemy with Punchtastic only counts as one hit per enemy. Therefore, an enemy which would normally take 3 hits and add 3 to T.C.P. will only add 1 T.C.P. when defeated with Punchtastic. Players who wish to aim for the highest T.C.P. should keep this strategy in mind.


When you collect 5 tires, punching the 6th tire will trigger your hotrod super move automatically. Use this special move to really rack up your T.C.P.!

If you have a combo multiplier active, this will also send your combo count through the roof, allowing for a quick buildup to Punchtastic afterwards. This is especially helpful during extended play sessions as it takes more combos to build your Punchtastic Meter the more often it is used.

Pick-ups that appear during gameplay need to be punched to be activated.
heart1 HEALTH UP: Regains 1/2 Health
heart2 HEALTH ADD: Adds one new, full Health
pickup_pt PUNCHTASTIC: Instantly fills Punchtastic Meter
tire TIRE: Spawns at every 25th combo count. Collect 6 to summon your hotrod!
tire2 FLAMING TIRE: Punching this 6th tire instantly triggers your hotrod super!


Some enemies can add a gameplay bonus when hit! Take advantage of multipliers to build your Punchtastic Meter faster.
fr_green GREEN: Combo Multiplyer x2. Every hit counts double for Combo Counter only.
fr_purple PURPLE: Combo Multiplyer x10. Every hit counts as ten for Combo Counter only.
fr_gold GOLD: Instantly triggers Punchtastic, no matter how full the meter is.

Tap the corresponding option to switch the setting.

FPS QUALITY: Switches between 60 FPS (HIGH) and 30 FPS (LOW). Older devices may experience better performance on the LOW setting.

SFX: Switches the game sound effects ON or OFF.

MUSIC: Switches the game music ON or OFF.

HUD STYLE: Changest the transparency of the in-game controls. Fully visible (ON), partially transparent (GHOST), or non-visible (OFF).

INTERLACE: This is a special screen effect to mimic the look of classic arcade games and does not affect gameplay. If you perfer your pixel art crystal clear, you can turn this feature off.

LANGUAGE: Switch the Menu text to English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish.



Please direct all customer inquiries to the following e-mail:

rockabilly (at)

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